Monday, December 20, 2010

The weekend – the hotel

Saturday and Sunday saw the three of us from no.7 hitting down the road to Penang.It wasnt a planned holiday or what.Just  a visit to the Job Fair at PISA.

Securing a place to stay at this peak season ,I randomly googled the various budget hotels around. #3 stars is okayed by me.

Seeing all SOLD signs at the website dampened my spirit.Telephoning the recep too met with a negative answer.

Tak hendaklah tidor kat hotel cokia yang kongsi bilik air. Or hotel dinding biliknya boleh dengar semua macam suara macam terkena hari tu.

So after crossing the bridge,we made a resolution to go to this one hotel even though reserving by phone was a let down.Try our luck…kata cikli.

Luck was with us when at the reception,we were told that their policy was first come first serve during holiday season.

Dengan hati berbunga ,kunci pintu ku terima.Tapi bila daun pintu bilik ku buka,waduh mau pengsan…..tengik,masam,meloyakan tekak the smell that greeted me.Hotel ke morgue ni? Gerutuku. Adoi this is a 3 star hotel of Seri ………. Nak tukar bilik lain pun dah fully occupied.Cikli telefon front desk dan minta sesuatu dibuat.Lantainya nya yang berkarpet masam serta bawah aircon yang bertahi cicak was a let down.

Well well.SM is a nice hotel in a nice place but could be better if the room is crisp and clean.

We went out after laying our things and when we came back we sprayed the room with the deodoriser from the car.Too tired after the journey ,we retired for the night. Busuk or not.Taik cicak or not.

No extended stay after this nampaknya. Or room 126 is not welcomed.Ingat tu ya cikli.


  1. The Good luck on getting a room was there but the luck gone too quickly for a cozy room.
    Its okay..try yr luck again next time..

  2. Mamason,
    Hmmm....lain kali kita camping je kat Batu Feringghi tu... purrr....meow!

  3. Pn Nani,
    The SM hotel tu ok.Tapi bau kapet tu yang put off.Time cuti susah juga nak book hotel.

    Masa dulu dulu ada la tempat camping.La ni dah jadi condo semua.