Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sewing – shoooing my timeless time away


As it is..sewing has been my numero uno hobby since primary school.Remembered the days we played rumah rumah when we decorated the space with make belief gadgets and upholstery.The paper dolls would be dressed in cut out dresses accordingly.

My first project in primary school was making the string bag.A teacher taught us rudimentary stitches  ie running stitches and we patched the two pieces of cloth together.I graduated to making apron,pillow case and the lastly a dress which dressed the mannequin during a school exhibition…aduh bangganya.Kalau orang tak dok galak Science and Science only maunya makcik masuk sekolah jahit menjahit masa itu.

With me ,I had the piece of tablecloth that I tapestry during my days of waiting for my SC/MCE result.And my pieces of cross stitch from my younger days. And all those curtains which sometimes was sewn three days prior to hariraya just because a child commented that the curtain was not changed for that year.


30 + year old cross-stitch chair back turned art decor.


bolster for baby no.2 …… hand sewed.


crochet edged tablecloth cum tv cover with satin stitched flower embroidery. Hasil tangan masa anak dara 17 tahun. hehe.

The other day at Prai ,I was toying with the idea of getting a new sewing machine. This time I would probably purchase something that could withstand sturdier sewing. So singa makcik mungkin akan bertukar jadi abang mesin

The cloth that I purchased were getting stacked higher and higher.The list of things to make pun dah ada……

1 set of new curtains …red in colour

1 set of day curtain ….beige …bought years earlier

2 sets of bed sheets and pillowcases

scatter cushions

string bags

cushion covers.


Hey , JAKEL is having their sales again.Nak pi nak pi.Kamdar Kuantan pun tak kurang cantik cantik kainnya.


  1. saya suka kamdar dari jakel.jakel itu penuh dengan muslihat.

  2. Mamason

    I did learn how to sew for 3 mths. Did that while waiting for MCE result. My father siap belikan sewing machine yg baru but sad to say, I know nothing n gain nothing. Kesian I kan?

    Just a few days ago hubby mentioned that if our dara is interested in sewing, he would buy a sewing machine but minat dara belum menjelma lagi.

    I did sew an apron .. checked cloth green in color.

  3. masa mak saya baru pencen, kami selalu dapat sarung bantal baru, cadar baru, gebor patchwork... syookkk!

  4. Bujal,
    Ye ke.Ada macam Siti Muslihat cerita musang berjanggut tuuu.

    Cik som,
    Mine not even one show the interest.Mungkin ilham dtg kemudian.

    Seronoknya.Gebor patchwork tu perlu kesabaran nak buat.Mak you tentu penyabar.