Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The colours of Perlis.


Baru realised that Perlis is a colourful state.The buildings in general are painted in bright colours.And the TNB building in the heart of the town speaks for itself.

Remembered 2004/2005 when mamason was heading the quaint little school of TTB….Titi Tok Bandar by the river. We were given allocation to paint the buildings.So the teachers choice was a reddish  tint of purple…. magenta and purple.The idea to adopt this bright hue was mooted by the State. Peruntukan Kerajaan Negeri .So all over Perlis the grab coloured schools were transformed into the colours of the rainbow. But there was one colour that was prohibited …..There was a case of one school that the rooms had to be repainted because of this choice.Cuba teka warna apakah itu…..


the quaint little school by the river.


the IMalaysia school of Perlis.


the 1st primary cluster school of Perlis.

We were rejoicing the effort of our work less knowing that it was not to be, soon.The big flood of 2004 destroyed much of the colours of Rangoli.

It had been years since I last visited TTB.Is the school still in its colour?

I soon learnt that the idea of schools and public buildings having bright hues came from the Regent at that time.His majesty might be influenced by the town of ……in Europe.Tak ingat pula namanya bandar ini.Tapi pernah lihat gambarnya.Any help?


  1. MAKCIK... nanti saya tanyakan kengkawan saya orang Perelih. Saya selalu pi Perelih sbb ramai kawan dari sana sejak saya join AnakPerlis.com.


    Makcik pun leh join, seronok.

  2. Oh Kak,
    kalau sekolah saya dulu kaler cantik macam sekolah di Perlis, tentu saya berlari tiap2 pagi pergi sekolah! Tapi apakan daya, dah tak rezeki...sekolah saya dahulu berwarna suram, dapat pulak cikgu pakai spek hitam calit gincu depan murid.....saya pun tuang kelas pi library..:(