Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sex education from year one?

That is the big bold headline of today( two yesterdays) in New Sunday Times.Year I?  Am I right in reading the news or my eyes are cheating me?

Yes,a  Dr Wee of Education Ministry of Malaysia said that from next year the subject would be taught in Physical and Health Education classes…PE in short.And its a 30 mins compulsory subject.

Well come next year,parents be alert when your children come home from school carrying tales about the birds and the bees.

Indeed ,the school is a trying ground for lots of experiments.Hence the PPSMI which we already  know the fate .I do pity the teachers who have to cope up with lots of directives from here and there. And hopefully,the idea of introducing this delicate subject would not end like PPSMI and other ill thought out plans.

In my opinion ,the birds and the bees should be left out until children are big but what is more important is sexual awareness ,violations and safety. Teach them what to do in circumstances that might be dangerous to them.Teach them how to know between the right and the wrong kind of relationship.Even between relatives .Teach them to know the boundary of love.

Tersenyum sejenak bila teringat mak yang memberi lecture in her own words on sex education .Straight forward! Her few words sum all…..Jaga .Dah hilang tak dapat balik……….Ooops.

Mak ni.

Cerita cinta syyyyh uncleseekers and xPA pun membuat aku terkedu.Tak terjangkau fikiranku. Tapi kisah bertahun lalu macam mengimbau kembali.Kesian xPA…..SA ,semoga Tuhan memelihara mu dari angkara manusia  .Kemelut kisahmu ….membuat aku geleng kepala.Macam tak percaya.

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  1. budak sekarang tak payah ajar pun diorang da advance kak~

    "internet sudah~"-amin-5 tahun.

    *he~~sian kat XPA tu~kawan dengan attention seekers macam uncle~~