Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teaching English….down memory lane

I came across this book in my safekeeping.

Not a novel .Nor a history book.

Well, its a TEACHER’S HANDBOOK …for The post 1970 Primary School English Syllabus.


In college ,I was put in a class for English teaching teachers.My classmates came from all over Malaysia.And the year was 1971-1972.

After 2 years in college,I came out as a teacher trained to teach all subjects excluding Agama.See we didnt have options.I could teach all subjects beside Pendidikan Islam.So those teachers who came out of college from those years were able to teach a wide range of subjects.

Coming back to this worn out book,it gave a lot of guidance when teaching.At that time the old syllabus for English,teaching the subject was by items.184 items divided into 6 school years.And it was grammar based.So you have a lot of stress on grammar.


In item 118 for example ,The classroom formula-Do you know +……..?

Item 163 …Conjunctions “when” and  “after” with all the tenses.

And later the syllabus was revamped and grammar teaching strategies gave way to KBSR.

Forgive me ,if I might say that teaching using the old approach gave students a better foundation with grammar which is basic to learning English.By KBSR, student’s vocabulary increases but grammar wise…it needs looking into.

And those adjustments I have to undergo switching from one approach to another.And lastly we have to import > 300 teachers from overseas to help raise the  level of English.

Hmm,what about that.Macam mana jadi lagu tu?


  1. Mamason,
    My Mama said to ask you if you remember this song:
    Learning English is lots of fun, lots of fun, lots of fun...
    Zaman dolu2 she said. TVP with arwah Abdullah Chik in it. purrr....meow!

  2. Wow!! This is a treasure. I remember when in the 1960's we also used this book called "First Aid in English" by Angus Maciver. I still have my copy :-).

    Take care and have a lovely evening.


  3. Brad,
    Yes,I make sure that the children knew the song by the start of the lesson,we would sing songs from the TVP prog.Remember Bing and Bong?

  4. First Aid in English ..I think I too used the book extensively.But alas my copy was gone .
    Thanks for coming anyway.
    I think my grammar now has gone haywire after so many years have lapsed.Hard for me sometimes to string sentences in Eng.... reason for me to resort to bi lingual.
    Good night.Have pleasant dreams.