Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tak terucap kata kata

The other day I saw Dell messing the novels on the study table. Nampak macam dia sedang mencari sesuatu.

Puusssssh…. I chased him away before he could do more damage.I straightened the fallen books to their original position.

Last night,I saw the novels again been scattered.Beneath the mess,I picked a book so I could read before retiring for the night.


It was  not the story that caught my eyes but a signature at the corner of the book when I flipped through the pages.


I thought the book was bought by pakli as he had quite a number of Lat’s books in his collection.

So this is the only thing left to the niece beside the cross stitch by the late aunt. Dear Ros has been taken away from us a few years back because of that fearful C.How she suffered the last few years of her life battling a losing battle. And when she was gone,I wasnt there by her  bed,being holed up in Pulau Pangkor and the connection was very bad on that day.As soon as I heard about her demise ,I rushed back.But she was already laid to rest in Tok Paduka.

And losing my own father too was a blow.He succumbed to that C a few years back.Cita citanya untuk melihat anak bergraduan dengan PHD dan aku menjadi GB tak kesampaian.Itulah yang selalu ditanya :

Bila nak jadi profesor bila adik bongsu balik dan bila nak jadi GB bila bersua dengan ku… abah yang selalu ingin anakcucu berjaya.

I hope there wont be another case like this happening to our family or even our extended family nor even to anybody.Cukup sekali.

Tapi entahlah….

It was as if only in novels this thing happens.But to see ,to hear them happening to your loved ones,you feel distraught and grieve stricken.Ah…tak terucap kata kata.…..

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