Friday, October 15, 2010

macam pilihanraya

well I have written about  mak hang tak tau….and they do tell about husbands who admonish and snub their spouses in front of others and worse still infront of the kids.

And this is a another story.

The other day travelling in the car together,the wife  couldn't help lose her cool when she was snubbed for just reminding her boy to check the necessary papers before they reached the destination.It was all very well intended. And the tone of her voice wasn't that too offensive..I might say.But…yes there’s a but,the husband  took it as if the mother was ordering him (the boy)and there and then told her off.

Well,it was a common thing for him to reprimand her as if she  had done a big sin.Especially regarding children.He would be there to defend them as if the spouse was torturing them.

La…mama hanya ingatkan saja.Takut nanti apa apa tertinggal.

Yes,it happened and happened frequently.

Apa salahnya menyokong dengan berkata:

Betul tu apa kata mak tu.Nanti sampai taklah tergopoh gapah.Simple kan.Ini tidak si mak  pula yang dimarahnya.

Last night when they were travelling together,the wife brought the issue for a heart to heart discussion. She told him she doesn't mind being corrected but to be told off in front of the children was a big matter .She was made to feel like a fool and this may result in the children losing their respect for her.

And she gave him an example: What would he feel if  she does the same to him.Every time he said anything to the children the mother would be ever ready to pounce back on him.And this she never did before.

I used to second him.To make the children understand that their father’s word is for their own good.She confided.

Entahlah,kadang kadang dalam rumahtangga ni macam ada perlawanan pula.Untuk cari popularity.Untuk cari siapa paling disayangi.Dan caranya adalah dengan menjadi peguambela.

Well,well…. a family is not built on that.Kita bukan ada pilihanraya atau pun dalam bicara.

Suami…. suami.


  1. Salam Mamason
    I so understand what you are referring to. Emak2 satu donia are made to be rivals to their own offsprings for reasons quite unknown (actually the reasons are well known, hehe).

    Semoga kita lebih kuat menepis hal2 yang tak sepatutnya berlaku dan menegakkan kebenaran, cewah.

  2. Cik Som,
    I think one aspect of kursus perkahwinan could cover this topic.Husband and wife should complement each other.Ni tak nak jadi rival pula.dunia dunia.hehe.

  3. kak
    we are in same shoe la kak..happened to me soooo many times, kadang kadang pasal perkara kecik kita di buat begitu rupa. Sepatut nya suami patut sokong apa yang isteri buat untuk anak anak, masa tgh dok marah kat anak tu diam saja tak, dia pulak marah kan kita kita depan anak anak...lepas tu kita plk masam muka dengan dia....lama lama boleh mati sebab makan hati saja .....

  4. Ezza,
    agaknya ramailah anak yatim kalau macam ni.Ya its killing us softlty.
    Sensitif betul bila kita beria ia membetulkan anak,dilihat sebagai membebel.lepas tu masuk beradap hadap lagi.Phew.