Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love is a many splintered thing.

Love is a many splendoured thing.One thing I would like to say : True indeed or indeed its true.Or say it like this :True? Indeed!How you might say this depends on how you look at love.

Been discussing a lot about love lately.Love that could make you want to live till eternity or love that you want to die this very moment.

When I was young,as other young things I envisaged myself to be swept from my feet by a knight in shining armour.The handsome prince came galloping by saving me from the wicked troll……and all those stuff I gathered from the many romantic novels of Mills and Boons.

Ah but reality struck deeper in me. Be realistic.You are none of the beauty pageant aspiring things.So  settle for the soul rather than the looks.

And love grew .

When you love a person,does it matter if he/she has a hazy past history? Not always. Are you living in the past tense or present? Well if the present is presentable and the future is bright,why place so much weight on the past.What is done cannot be undone .But you could avoid the repetition of the history itself.If you care.

Could it be wrong to marry a person you do not know. Example saying aye aye to match marriage.Why not? And could we guarantee that a 4 year courtship ends in wedding bells?Not wedding hells!

So its not wrong isnt it that love is a many splintered thing. Cause if you are always on the look for splendoured things,you might ends up jittery.When along the way you met splintered ends.It must cost you a heartbreak.

But the other way round,if you braced yourself for splintered end but it turns our splendoured ,you have all the world and heaven to yourself.

How do you feel about that……

Mama what craps are you talking about?

Craps? Crabs? …..hello….

So what is love ……..

IMGA0016 lIMGA0384

love is when mama is all smiles



love is when waiting is not a big matter



love is when a marriage vow is exchanged .However the size .


love is when mamajade brushed the tears away from mok’s face.


  1. nice piece buat senyuman di pagi hari.

  2. noir,
    Love is when smiles are what you get.Honest ones...it makes your day.

  3. Mamason

    Love = caring too.

    And love is about to bloom when fellow bloggers sudi melawat dan mengomen kat blog kita :-)

  4. tersangatlah stuju,ciksom.
    Love is when reading comments from fellow bloggers.Feel like a flower blooming in the heart...macam hati berbunga bunga.Aha.

  5. and it is nothing wrong to fall in love when u least expected it, thousand km away, apart by ocean, religious wise and so forth, kan?

  6. and love is letting THE heart makes the choice, not the choice made by the other hearts

    just so it gives better view on love