Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jadey doo where are you?


Reaching home safely after a journey of more than a thousand miles to and fro leaves you with a feeling of jubilation.Alhamdullilah everything was smooth from beginning to end.And we thank God Almighty for keeping us safe and sound wherever we saw mangled wrecks of cars beyond recognition along the way home.

We were greeted by the eager looking furry friends.One with a short stub for its tail while the other sported a long slender tail. Where’s another?

She was not there to welcome us back home.

Had she wandered far and would soon come back.We called,hollered,yelled

Jade,Jade …….Jadei but to no avail.


It was night when Dell gave a sad and sorry kind of sound.Eeeiking and meowing as if searching for someone.

Dell,where’s mamajade? Mana mama?….we asked him.He looked back at us as if understanding our questions.There was such sadness in him.He seemed lost.And he seemed as if he was yearning for his mum.

In my many years of associating myself with these furry friends I noticed none of the closeness that prevailed between Dell and his mom.They were always together.Sleeping together.Waking together.And Dell cling to his mother though he was a fully grown up young thing.

And pakli was the last to see her when he closed the door behind him.Jade was there staring blankly into his face when he bade goodbye.As if saying:

Papali drive safely,will you?

And writing this post made my eyes heavy with tears for she was a lovely creature loved by all the homo sapiens of pakli household.Not all cats are loved and missed as dearly as Jade.


mummyjade where are you?

And after 24 hours she still hasnt come home.And  she has never missed welcoming us from our journey.

But today she was none.And these were pictures that we will always hold close to our heart.


nursing a sick child


sleeping  soundly side by side


feeding time

Jade,come back will you!

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