Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home at last


Its been a week and 14 postings short.Been very busy with tight schedule for the last 7 days.

Ahoi,home at last.

The journey that took us through 6 states and a distance of more than a 100o kilometres was not without its ups and downs.

But to reach home is a blessing.

Home sweet home.Will be posting anecdotes of the journey and pictures for remembrance. Hopefully so.

So for the time being, selamat kembali to my old faithful no 7.

But someone is missing and we missed her deeply.Where are you ?Please come back safely.Been missing you since we reached home.





  1. Selamat kembali Alhamdulillah, dan saya akan bersabar menunggu penulisan seterus nya.

  2. Hmm... mana dia pegi ek? Merajuk kah?

  3. Pn marina
    Alhamdulilah selamat saya ,suami dan pil pergi dan kembali.

    Pn Azie
    Terasa sedih sunggoh bila balik Jade dah tiada menyambut kami seperti selalu.