Monday, October 18, 2010

Gugur jantungku … my heart misses a beat.

I have no words to describe what I felt when I heard that screech of the tires and the sound “Thud” coming from the road infront of my house.Seconds later I heard a loud wail.I couldnt bring my self to the door.I felt weak.

All strength inside of me ebbed out.I slumped on the sofa. Dumb stricken. The wailing sound could be heard again.Loud and clear.Then everything quiet down with the last word …maa.

When I went out the moment I got my strength back,nothing was in sight. Jade and Dell was there .But someone was missing.Mok? Mok where are you I called.Could it be Mok just now.

It was 9.00 in the morning when that thud was heard.I was drained out of my enthusiasm to carry out my daily chores. Even breakfast was skipped.Had in mind to call pakli but at this time of the day he would be super busy.In my mind it was Mok .He might have been knocked down by that devil of a driver.Whoever you are.They have built bumps but those reckless drivers speed on recklessly.The other day I was pissed off by a lorry driver who think he was in F1 circuit.Come on , be considerate,You are driving in a neighbourhood full of children and CATS!

It was past twelve when I went to the back of the house to feed Dell and Jade.There under the dilapidated furniture my Mok was sleeping soundly. How relieved I was to see this big cat of ours lazing on the floor.

You are safe MOK! God bless you.Alhamdulillah. 


  1. alhamdulillah mok ok, :)
    jgnla apa2 dekat dia..huuu dah 3 tahun lebih dah budak tu.lama kan?

  2. Mamason
    Alhamdulillah Mok is safe.

    Yesterday one of my cats died a sudden death. It could be due to the scorching hot weather. Wallahualam.

  3. Aten,
    he was so adorable.Cant imagine if it was him.Lately ,he would climb onto your lap .His big body weighing you down.Manja .

  4. Cik Som.
    Lega saya bila mok tak apa apa. rasa tak bermaya tadi.kucing kucing ni bergilir gilir saja jumpa vet.

  5. Mamason,
    If Mok was safe and sound, what was making the thud sound? The mystery deepens.... purrr....meow!

  6. Maybe a stray cat could be the one.When I searched the premise there was nothing .And none of the neighbour's cats were missing too.The stricken cat could have gone into hiding.itulah makcik selalu pesan kat Mokjadeandell nak lintas jalan kena hati hati .Sbb orang orang kat sini ada yang tak ada hati.

  7. haih, sakit dada membela kucing...

    my friend found her cat dah leper kena gelek, dah nangis², kebumikan etc... besoknya kucing dia balik sihat walafiat, heheheh