Saturday, September 25, 2010

Say no to UPSR ?

murid kurang upaya

Majority want UPSR,PMR scrapped but the ministry……More views on Exams sought –NST

Views could be as vast as the views are sought.
Ask it to the profiteering oriented  academics, the tuition providers,the book makers…. UPSR should stay,they would stay.
Ask the teachers.I suppose they would be divided.Yes,or no.Depends on how they sum up teaching should bring about.
As an ex-teacher,I was quite not  for one.Not as upped and rigid as the one we have today.Some parents,being hyperventilated with the prospect of 5As even start  pushing the tots in yr 1 for tuition! Maka jadilah robot anak anak itu,siang malam tuition.Pagi petang tuition.And there are   parents buying  the thick volumes of Encyclopedia  and made the child memorise from it.Itu pun ada.

I was lucky enough to be chosen and given the chance for school visits in Scotland.I didnt ask much about exams but my ,how enthralled was I when I was in the midst of the pupils.They were not the shy shy type of boys and girls and the subjects taught were very catching to the  eyes.


Imagine boys learning sewing and cooking.8 years old they must be.And the year end malam anika ragam with the Beatles as the theme was one exciting event.Seeing little boys and girls on visits to simple but important places like the post office,museum during school visits was fascinating.How disciplined they were.
Our school systems especially the exams need a reboot.
By the way,the picture above was taken when on a school visit in KL.The children were handicapped. Either autistic or having other learning disabilities.Was it SK Sri Budiman?

murid pemulihan

And UPSR didnt do much justice to these types of students.
Anyway,selamat menunggu keputusan UPSR keluar nanti.The parents are more worried than their children though.Yes,I knew it .4 times I went through all these pains.

So ibubapa ,janganlah kecewa sangat kalau keputusan anak tak menepati sasaran. Terus bagi sokongan.
Anyway,baru UPSR…..jauh lagi perjalanan.Yang penting anak anak berjalan di atas landasan.Tak melilau sana sini.Terbabas sepanjang jalan.


  1. Mamason,
    We're homeschooled so no exams. Except that sometimes Mama aka cikgu garang would be asking totally irrelevant questions that could qualify as spot quiz. purrr....meow!

  2. Dell : how to catch that mouse that hides behind the almari that chews on the wires that makes mamason angry like crazy ada tak?I wish to know la.