Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RIP Sosi dear.

Since the news of her missing with 3 others broke, I followed the  news  with a feeling that everything will end well. She would return safely to her family and children.She would be in news again about her success in her business venture.

Dah jumpa belum?

Any news ?

Those were the questions that I asked everyday.I turned on the nightline to have the latest update.I followed the forums in cari and low yatt.Even the Mandarin and Tamil news were not missed.

Who was she?

Was she my relative,my next of kin…nope

She wasnt my neighbour or working acquaintance either.

Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya,a cosmetic entrepreneur cum millionaire made news when she married,divorced and sued Nash sometimes ago. 




I was never a user of NV. But her rag to riches success made me respect her. Her grit and determination after her divorce paid well.Just imagine a divorcee with 6 children dragging them along to sell her products from house to house.

And it was the second day of raya when her tragic death was officially announced

It tells a lot about human greed .And I hope those responsible will be roped to justice.Once and for all.


Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and the 3 others may you rest in peace.

Sedih tak terkata mengenangkan segala keseksaan yang mereka lalui.Kejam sunggoh.

Rakyat Malaysia sama sama merasai kehilangan mereka.Hari raya ke 3 ,hati kami macam diruntun runtun.Apatah lagi mengenangkan perasaan anak anak dan kaum keluarga yang tak dapat menyempurnakan jenazah seperti adatnya.





  1. Turut bersimpati dengan keluarga mangsa. Allahyarham Ahmad Kamil (peguam Allahyarhamah Sosilawati)merupakan rakan kepada adik saya semasa sama-sama menuntut di UIA dahulu. Semoga Allah mempermudahkan urusan keluarga mereka dan menempatkan roh mereka di kalangan hamba-hamba Allah yang soleh. Amin. AL-FATIHAH

  2. En Zool,
    Alfatihah untuk semua yang terlibat.Simpati kita untuk keluarga.