Monday, September 27, 2010

Jiwang karat

Sometimes.No no,not sometimes but every time, some one crossed our path…exactly crossed us we tend to feel angry,exasperated,down.

And I am no exception.

Ye eleh,there's nobody in the house except me and the cats in the day.And pakli just returned home only nearing seven.So for half the day,I have all the house for myself.

So naturally,I should be feeling blissful.Nobody to be crossed at or crossed about.

But a simple remark from pakli that night released a flood gate of emotions.

Betul betul jiwang karat…..kata orang orang muda.

Maka mulalah episod episod lagi dumb and dumber antara makcik and pakli.

The beras is finished.If usually I would call in person,today I just message.

Beras dah habis.Tolong beli.

It was 1.30 and there’s no sign of beras.No sign of lauk pauk dalam plastik which needed only be transfered to the porcelain bowl and plates.

So I took the last scoopful of beras,washed it and switched on the rice cooker. The last chicken piece was cooked yesterday,so too was the last tin of sardine.

I was like not wanting to replenish the fridge because we are going away soon.And usually pakli goes to the pasar tani before he goes anywhere on Sunday.But it was not so.

Only 5 small eggs were left.

So with that I made masak asam telor dadar.

At 2.00 I had my lunch.


When pakli returned tired and wet,I already ate the rice with the eggs,feeling angry at him for returning home late.His ajakan to join him to AS was not accepted,coining sleepiness.


It was only when he was on his way to AS ,I repowered the hp and read the message:

Jom kita makan kat A/S.

La awat tak bagi tau awai awai.

And when he came back that night,he brought along nasi lemak batu 9. Yes,I was craving for that but ego stopped me from calling him.

Eh telepathy ke ape?


  1. cikgu
    kat sini pun sama laa...
    pasal hal kecik jer nak masam masam muka,,,saya dah penat dah,,,berpuluh2 tahun ni saya nak buat donno saja....

  2. Ezza,
    Buat donno rasanya lebih membahagiakan dari buat do kan.

  3. salam to you makcik..

    seronok rasanya kalau dapat duduk bersama dengan keluarga....macam saya ni makcik dah bertahun2 duduk jauh...rugi rasanya kalau nak bermasam muka....err...nasi lemak batu 9 kat mana?

  4. Batu 9 tu rasanya sembilan batu dari Alor Setar ke Kangar.What an answer.
    Kdg2 tu bukan apa pun yang nak digaduh,cuma senggol sengolan saja.Absence we say,makes the heart grow fonder.
    Salam to you too uncle and family.