Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What’s in a dream


All seems quieted down after the fanfare of MAHA and  1 Malaysia last weekend.

But on the family ground ,we have quite a busy day.

Cikli has the most number of activities.Starting a new contract beginning August made his hands full. I didnt see his face until late at night. Pity him,when I could go anywhere he is tied to his work.Last last I said :

Cikli ,you pencen sajalah.Eh mana boleh kerana syarikat sendiri kenalah bertungkus lumus.Akhir akhir ini makcik lihat dia didatangani bermacam dugaan lebih lagi tentang pekerja.Akhir sekali makcik marahkan anak kerana sanggup tengok saja.

You want your pa to sakit jantung?

I asked.So the boy is now with his father helping him along.

Alas,another issue crop up. It was the girl who jerkah my pakli.Ayo yo,dia orang sudah belit cerita,kata pakli buang dia.Sedangkan dia yang beria nak berhenti sebelum cukup masa.Katanya dapat kerja lain.

Anyway my hunch is correct so lain kali please dont underestimate!

I dont know why I was given the warning before anything happened.First ,it was about my broken engagement.I dreamt about people going to the masjid .But the vision there was blurred by something not worth mentioning.

It was too when my girl met the same fate. I dreamed about the beads falling from the baju nikah.I tried to sew back but its of no use.

Lastly  I dreamed about the falling ceiling.I called to pakli. Is it this case? As you used to say:

Ala,tak da apa aih.Its a small matter.

Stay strong pakli.Jangan kaput. We are family.

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