Friday, August 6, 2010

A token of memory

books 013

This is  only what  is left from the visit to the land of the castles.

The cushion cover was bought in 1984 when I shopped at Marks and Spencer.

The pair of cushion covers were part of the memory of my visit there.The curtain is still here but torn in some parts.I let it be used for a pengantin room . The bedspread was given to Olin and I saw it there the last time I visited her.

A nice pair of shoes was also brought back.But alas when pakli did house cleaning,he cleaned them away. Sob.

Having things from the past can be emotional.Tok Ton still keeps the TV cover that I sewed when I was 17. Waiting for my result,I did embroidery. Cross stitched was done for cushion covers but I framed them.A few pieces are still here for all to see.

In fact preserving mementos from the pasts be they be photographs,letters ,postcards are the pride of the owners.

I had the photographs into themes .An album could be for Travelling,Hari Raya Snapshots or While they were Young.One is for my School Activities or pakli’s enterprise.

The other day when missina was home,she looked through the pictures and had a good laugh.It was then she noticed that when she post for a photograph,there would be an angle of inclination.Her elder sister could be a budding child actor for commercials,her brother a religious ustaz and the youngest could be someone from the khan family..ha aha  dont be angry please.

So when you flipped through the albums,you could see the stages in our lives. The Hari Raya of 1996 could be way,way different from 2009. So too is travelling then and now.

Well,I could do some uploading of the pictures for you to see. But now you no longer  develop the pictures and so comes the death of my thematic albums. How sad.

Reading the captions that go with the pictures will surely bring a smile to an old and tired face of mine.

As for my own photographs,I hardly have them.If not the children would have a good laugh at me instead.


  1. i used to think i have enough gigabytes in my brain to store all memories, moments. never been a 'picture' person until recent times. i do however keep items i treasure.
    ah wales? has some breathtaking scenery too.

  2. Its Scotland.
    the pictures tell a thousand words.As the albums are thematic they could tell chronicles of events.The changes to the house,the content and also the people.