Thursday, August 19, 2010

once they were here.


Mummy blur


Bu yang kelabu


pak mok twin brother.


These cats once make our house their home.

But it seems that they go disappearing when we were on holidays and they were let in the open.

They were either adopted by the neighbours or ran down by cars.

The LPP workshop could be the reason for their disappearances as the cats like to venture there.

How pakli and paen bersusah payah dalam hujan to get nen over the fencing.

Yes,nen was our first cat and loved to  our heart contents.

Well , mummy the persian was the blurriest cat in the universe. As persians,they were proud cats and difficult to train.Anak dia pun malas nak jaga.

Pak mok has a twin brother but was  adopted by the neighbour.Only sometimes,he would make an appearance at the house.Mewing softly for food.But it has been a while I last saw him.


  1. Comel nyerrr... tapi saya tak pandai bela kucing.

  2. Pn azie,
    malangnya ,semuanya dah tak ada dengan kami.