Friday, August 13, 2010

Nak mati ke?


ITS been a number of times,he was caught in this position.He did this only if there's an audience and someone is sure to notice him.I dont think he would dare when he is certain no one is around.

Hey,bangun,nak mati ke?

Someone shouted.

Pakli who was at that time chatting with a friend noticed the long line of cars stopping just a few feet away.LOL.That toLOL cat.He was lying on the tarmac in the middle of the road.Wagging its tail and fledging its body side to side.

Ponnnnnn. One angry driver gave the horn.

Keteghak punya kucing! Shouted another.

Pakli shooed him away.But he didnt care less.

Walking briskly to him,papali scooped him up in his arms and put him in the car.

You want a ride?

The old man gave the young man cat a drive round the neighbourhood.After a few turnings,with the young tuan,by his side,he returned home.

Dell jumped out before pakli could alight.Swaggering into the house with contentment on his face:

Maamason,kami pusing pusing naik kereta.

Itulah kot katanya.



After that ,he curled himself into a sleep:

Penat wei round round satu donia.

Nak  masak apa sahur nanti ya?

Ikan kering goreng+asam jawa+cili potong+bawang besar tentu membangkit selera.Tapi ikan kering pula tak ada.


  1. cikgu...
    manjanyer dia...
    macam anak kecik saya dulu nak round satu taman dulu bila abah dia balik kerja...
    memang menghiburkan bela kucing ni.. mengganti anak sendiri

  2. Tu la.Sayang sangat kat dia.Kadang kadang ingat anak sendiri.Tapi dia ada 4 kaki.