Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my hb


My pakli,ley,cikli

is a man of determination,

if he says yes

it means yes

but sometimes when he asked for my opinion but uses his mind

Thats when I was confused, sometimes.


My pakli,ley,cikli

Also abah to me or pak hang ni

Kadang kadang berapi,

Namun selalu baik hati

kecuali  bila dipujuk, atau tersedih hati

akan menangis tak terperi

macam kucing toi meninggal itu hari.


My pakli,cikli,ley

A very responsible father to all the 4  leys

Education of his children is his priority

And he went all out for them to study

Although he was not a grad from uni.

But all his children must have a degree.

That was a vision that we live to see.


My pakli,cikli,bang li

which ever it might be

Was a good husband all the while

But I cant predict the future

As the future is not ours to see.

But to God I have this prayer

May we live together forever

Until the day we die

And say good bye.



My pakli,papali,cikli

Stay strong

Whatever happens

Whatever trouble may come,

You know ,we wont let you fall.

Because when I was down,he held me to the ground

With words of encouragement

Mama you can do this

mama you can do that

What’s there to be afraid about.




  1. Alhamdulillah cikgu.. semuga kasih sayang sepanjang hayat... didunia dan diakhirat... amin...

  2. Tq ibu n abah
    itulah yg selalu kita minta pada tuhan.bila berhadapan dgn masaalah,sama sama kena kongsi.

  3. that's a mettle of a healthy relationship, always supporting each other.

  4. both partner must be supportive to each other.Lucky me,if not I would be afraid of many things. In time I am in doubt,or afraid,my pakli will say:See,tak pengsan pun.Boleh pun.

  5. Auntie..

    memang support from the other half is important in a relationship..esp moral support..financially, ramai isteri belerja so tak terasa sgt, tapi moral & emo support kalau tak der tu yg kekadang boleh tergelincir ke lain..if you get what I mean..

    just my 2 cents la...