Thursday, August 19, 2010

little queen of the heart


My mum is here with me.Dah bertahun idamkan mak disisi.She’s 80+.And I was always telling myself its now or never .

After my pa passed away,she made my sis home her home.And seldom would she venture away from the house.Coaxing her to come and stay with us for a few days would be met with lots of considerations.

Kesianlah dekat cucunya yang istimewa.Her eldest cucu is ill,thus she felt its her obligation to care for her.Though there’s the bibik to take care of the girl but with tok’s supervision,the welfare of the sickly girl could be ascertained.

Furthermore my sis too is on dialysis.Which means that every alternate day she would be away at the hospital.

But thing took quite a roundabout turn,when tokton feels that she wanted some fresh air for herself.

Having her with me means I could catch up with her stories,news about our relatives and mostly her intelligent advices.Anak mak yang tua ini pun masih perlu banyak teguran dan nasihat.At 85 she’s still sharp in her memories and I got to learn more about our ancestors.She would passed to me her many doas that she memorised.And also those cooking tips.What more,I got the much needed massage from her!

And my house too is getting her personal attention.Yesterday she cleaned the window sills of the room.Being a cleanaholic,no dust escaped her scrutiny.She helped fold the wash .She’s still nimble with her hands.But there were times when she felt lethargic and needed those sleeps.

And I like sleeping by her side.

Would I be like her 20 years to come when I would be her age.I doubt.The aches and the pains are here 20 years earlier.Poor me!


  1. macam tak percayakan!Tu lah kena belajar rahsia dari dia.

  2. Shouldn't it be the other way round, you urut mum. Made me smile. But, I suppose, mothers are all the same. My mum is also 80 and she still insists on doing most of the housework. What can I say!
    You have a good day.

  3. cikgu..
    syukur alhamdulillah masih mempunyai seorang ibu.. masih boleh minta resepi tu...
    rupanya adik cikgu sama macam saya..dialysis.. dah berapa tahun?..berapa usianya sekarang?...

  4. alhamdulillah mak cikgu sihat maseh dapat bersama anak2 dan cucu. muga kami pun dapat sepertinya. saya pun nak tau rahsia2nya. saya pun baru 40 tapi badan dah rasa tua. cleanaholic so cute cn imagine her spot check her children's home :)

  5. btw cikgu, gambar di atas, kehijauan yg nyaman tu, gambar kampong cikgu ke? sangat indah. muga saya dapat tinggal ditempat sedemikian.

  6. Gambar tu kehijauan sawah di Perlis.Malangnya kami hanya tinggal dlm kawasan perumahan.Tapi di Perlis banyak lagi kawasan yg nyaman mata memandang.

  7. Pn Nursalmah,
    Kalau nak tahu dia nampak lebih fit dari anak dia.Kdg juga lebih muda.haha.Umur dia mcm tak berubah at 65.

  8. Pn Rahmah@ ibu dan abah,
    kakak saya yg dylasis sejak umur dia 56.Skrg ni dia dah 61.
    Saya dulu tak rajin nak tanya resepi ,la ni baru tersedar banyak yg saya tak tahu.Waktu ni baru nak minta rujukan.

  9. Pn Siti,
    My mum pun tak lah kuat sangat,tapi compared to others dia yg bela orang sampai setakat ni.Her mind pun masih sharp.Lagi lagi dia pernah menempuhi banyak ranjau hidup.She's one sturdy granma.
    Pn Nursalmah,my mum ni cleanaholic dia sampai tempat dapur dia pun boleh buat tempat tidor.Dinding kayu rumah dia berbasuh.Tu yg ada habuk dllm bilik dia,dia cuci sendiri.That's my mum.

  10. suka saya membaca cerita tentang your mum. reminds me of my late grandparents who in their 80's were still independent and always tidy and always prihatin tentang anak cucu.

    narration sebegini made me glad to have found blogs like yours and cikgu siti roffini, full of experiences money can't buy.

  11. I think none could replace my mum who holds a special place in my heart.She is never second.Though unschooled she got the wisdom of an educated person.
    Her story if told could fill an unabridged edition Of Gone with the wind.THAT thick.