Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kindness of Strangers


I had posted stories on this topic before and this time another act of kindness from a stranger came to my mind.


The Nissan Serena we were travelling had been forced to a stop at the railway crossing.While waiting for the road to clear,dear significant other and moi were engaged in a story telling session. To demonstrate his fact,pakli pushed my head and proceeded to strangle me.Mockingly la of course.




Didnt we realise that our antic caught the attention of one driver who stopped beside us.

The man climbed down his vehicle,walked over to our car and knocked on my side window.He asked me whether my pakli was mistreating me.I told him I was not.Not satisfied,he went over to pakli’s side and gave him a piece of his mind.Well, pakli had a hard time convincing him that he was not bullying his wife.

The incident was etched in my mind for it was a man of different race who came to my rescue.It was a man from a different religion who had the courage to defend a poor Malay woman in distress.

Kudos to you my savoir ,my gallant knight in shining lorry.Wherever you are.


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  1. I think your saviour got carried away by the tragic deaths of the ex-Adun and his P.A. Can't blame him!!!

  2. Hahahah in shining lorry eh? Nasib dia tak baling batu kat Ba. :P

  3. Siti,This incident happened a few years back in Alor Star at the railway crossing near Shahab Perdana.

    Aten,Abah kecut perut la juga,takut driver to buat apa apa kat dia.