Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey dello,what your problemo


I was typing on the keyboard when I heard the tearing of papers.


I got up from my seat and went over to investigate the source of the noise.

Hey dello what are you up to?

For Dello was in a fit,tearing the newspaper to bits.

Stop it boy! I hollered.But he just went into it.Picking crescendo with every go.

I stoop and gathered the furry creature with the long tail.


Instantly he dug his teeth into my hands.

Terkejut kucing makcik.

Hey what’s your problemo,Dello.? I yelled.

There and then ,4 sharp bite marks made their appearances on my hand.

Adoi sakit.

Dello,apa problem kamu?

Girlfriend di intai dah dikebas orang ke?

Sebab tu mengamuk tak kena gaya.Ada ke makcik yang digigitnya?


Dello ni ada hati kat kucing merah rumah line belakang.Setiap kali diberi makan,leher saja saja dipanjangkan.Intai makwe lah tu,apa lagi.

Tapi nak buat macamana Dello,sijantung hati dah ada pakwi.Melepaslah lagi!


My slower than usual internet connection made it hard for me to upload his latest pics.

Will do so after it is back to normal.

Footnote: Auntie NS is back to her status today.She’s Mrs Shahrim.May God bless you.


  1. Dell,
    Never ever bite the hands that feed you. You hear me, boy? purrr....meow!

  2. Mamajade : Dell,you are one ungrateful mongrel.
    Dell: No mummyjade.I'm no mongrel but catgrel.haha.I was exercising my jaws when mamason pulled away my papers.

  3. ouch kena gigit. tu yg buat saya takut nak dekat dgn kucing..

  4. Pn Nur,sekali sekala Si ekor panjang ni memang naik angin.Selalunya dia akan Grrrrrr tapi kali ni dia Gnaaaap tanpa warning!