Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beware : U turn at no U turn


It was quite an eventful day for us yesterday.Calling from his place of work,pakli requested me to follow his entourage to his uncle’s house in Taman Noning in Berapit, B.Mertajam.The feast was held after isyak.

At first I was quite reluctant as I was feeling a bit yo yo .Must be the weather because it was raining on and off these few days in Kangar.

So at 5.30,off we went to this kalau nak  masuk jumpa guard dulu enclave.

After a plateful of nasi minyak scrumptiously cooked and a few ulas o durian,we settled for a few rounds of chit chat.Exchanging stories back and forth among my mom in law,pakli ,paksaad and the host.

Realising that it was already nearing midnight we bade goodbye  As we have more than a hundred kilometres to go.


In my trusted Kembara,pakli and I soon found ourselves in BM town.Well,we shouldnt go into town and this where our folly began.Pakli reversed the car to retract his way.LOL,he didnt realise that the street is a one way street! We were facing the onslaught of  vehicles as the traffic light had gone green.Maka bertempiklah tauke tauke kedai kopi dan pelanggan sambil tangan mengerewang suruh kami ketepi.Mujur.If not,we could be the news item in  todays Kosmo ,Berita Harian.

Phew! Near miss.Pakli jangan dok buat u-turn tak ketahuan tempat ya.



Soon after that,the odd couple were jolted from any mengantuk episode of midnight driving.

Our story didnt end there.Something was in store for us back home.

The house was deserted when we opened the door.Paen had gone out with his friend and had not returned.LO what did we see?There on the floor were pieces of ceiling with the usual dirt and grime.The ceiling had fallen down!.Ni mestilah kucing kucing dok main kejar kejar. Aduh!Pakli terpaksa pula panjat kerusi atas meja untuk tutup lubang untuk sementara.


I had my sleep at 2.30 with a big hole in the ceiling of the house. Minta minta tu tak ada lah apa apa lagi yang terjun dari lubang itu.Mujur tidak.

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