Thursday, July 8, 2010

World cup- Germans vs Spain in Kangar @ 2.30 a.m


It was my second time watching this World Cup at this ungodly hour.The first being the Germans vs Ghana.Anyway that was concluded halfway. And I missed the much  talk about basketball football.

As I was writing,the much awaited match between the Spaniards and the Germans was into halftime break.

As tomorrow,I would be probably half awake,I had the fuzzy logic panasonic into working mode.As Dello was nowhere to handle the task,makcik juga yang kena.Dello had to be kept out because he is losing his hair and it would be in no time somebody catches an allergic or something to that matter.So Dello,find somewhere nice to sleep,will you.Poor darling.

Coming back to the game,Paul,the fortuneteller mollusk had  Spain in his favour.The watch was described as highly technical by the commentator .No goal was yet to be scored the past 40 minutes,seeing the ball 60% on the Spain  side.


Scramble in the Spanish  area.


Sapa ek.Tak kenal.


Having a meeting,Japanese style?


Off to watch the remaining minutes.Rookie over.


Rookie back.

Reporting from SA .Game over.The fortune teller should be crucified. German lost 1 – o to Spain.

Viva Spain.Remembering one margarita senorita I met in MorayHouse.


Puyol the hero.Eh looks like something seen the day before.Hey what? Where? When?

The answer: Have a look at my posting on: Cerita Seram sepanjang jalan- Gergasi dah mai .Lari! 






or this picture:


spjg perjalanan 034

Bye .Nak sambung tidor.


  1. Dello dear,
    Please stay away from the fuzzy logic thingy. Not good for your fur, OK? har har har *evil laughs*

  2. Not to worry,cat in sydney
    Mamason says that washing is on my to do list no more.reason is makcik is afraid my hair may be washed all out instead.Tak sanggup ! I nak hilang my precious bulu.
    -love you

  3. Salam perkenalan Mokjadeandell,

    Jerman dah kalah, harap-harap En Paul the sotong pilih Belanda pulak...kalau dia tak pilih pun saya tetap dengan Belanda. :-)

  4. Cik Yan,
    Thanks for coming.
    kali ni,silap haribulan,En.paul jadi habuan.Biaq dia pilih betul betul.Silap pilih ,dia jadi sambal tumis,sushi or sotong kering.Mokja pula suka Aspana,sebab dah suka kat Puyol.Bukan Tuyol.