Monday, July 19, 2010

When ,they were gone.


Sometimes I did feel a pang of guilt when I wrote down my feelings and what I have been through.Do I feel satisfaction  guaranteed when I penned down all these bits.

What do I get when my stories from the past got written .Any consolation?

But if I were to look back,I was penning these downs so that it could be read when I am gone. The epitaph of my tomb could be engraved:

Here lies the soul of one who goes through odds on ends  but would emerge through them without ruffles.


Here lies a  soul who despite all odds ,stood her ground and  didnt fumble.


My dear children,

If we were down today,its not always down tomorrow.

As the ship that sails out from harbour

Faces the rough sea in all its ardour.

May yet again see the harbour in all its spendour.


I  was blog hopping around when I noticed the many postings dedicated to Raden Galoh or Pn Dalilah from the BlogSpot One Breast Bouncing. I too was one of her silent reader.

She had succumbed to cancer and passed away this morning. Her story brought back to mind how my dearest sister in law had her battle fought . She too fell to it.How she went through her last days with all odds. And we too did all our best to make her wishes fulfilled and her life at ease. But my,how the pain got to her.

Dear nah,abah and raden galoh,may your souls rest in peace.



On a brighter note,the thought of seeing Oz came back as Air Asia’s promotion of 299 seems too tempting.

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