Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What’s this creeps


On Sunday,my hb would buy every readable newspapers.So the list goes like this:

NST,MM,BM and when the children were home the list would be extended to K,M, and other fanciful names.

And sometimes again,Star,Sunday Mail,That other newspaper would appear on the dining table.

The only papers that were not bought were Tamil Nesan,Nanyang Siang Pau.

I read in dismay the national papers in B.M What is their contribution to the intellectual minds. Nothing much. Because ,the articles on artists divorced and life styles,one sided politically orchestrated news were the bulk of the prints. And lately those adverts on cars ranging from hundreds of thousands to a few millions. Its salivating . Nanti adalah yang teringin walau duit tak berkeping keping.And those mak dara adverts to make one fair and slim. And also those quick rich schemes and so many other kelentong schemes.

Compared to the articles in BI. I am not being prejudiced or opined. I could learn something academic,motivating and rejuvenating.

Articles such as these are worth the time scanning,interpreting by the minds:( These are front page news by the way)

Leave us alone-expose of the homeless kids whereby mostly are bins and bintis.

Nuclear War Threat- North Korea war threat which I doubt it wont affect us at all.


Where’s in another tabloid ,the headlines screamed :




Minta cerai melalui blogging? Phew that’s too is nowhere the truth.Snooping in people’s blog,then making it the front page  news is that reporting .Shame on you,mr reporter,whoever you are.Reporter’s code of ethics upheld indeed! I had  been the follower of mamasita’s blog but I didnt see so much of her screaming for divorce in her blog. Well,if indeed,she voiced out her thoughts,its her blog.Who cares?Who are we to judge her.

And now it seems the hottest news is mamasita mamamia.One thing I like K  to do is go find the other woman! Do your homework Go terjah her.Why she was so desperate to rampas suami orang!Is she a starlet or god knows who.

That’s why when my children want to be a reporter,I said:

Kuat ke nak tanggung dosa.

And soon there were streams of bloggers who wrote their feeling on the matter.Some downright condemning the said datin while some symphatising  her.Emphatically,would that happen to other bloggers if we were to air our feeling.Then,the newspaper should as well discharge all its reporters and rely on bloggers instead!

Beware bloggers you could next be the headline.

The headlines: You fikirlah sendiri

maybe it could be:

Datuk cikgu pencen bla bla …….sumber blog cikgu pencen


  1. salam cikgu...
    suami saya mmg tak beri saya baca kosmo dan metro.. tp kdg2 beli jugak.. dia syorkan baca star.. mmg kosmo dah melampau sungguh baca blog org lepas tu buat tajuk muka depan... teruk betul...editor pun bengong...

  2. Bagi yang boleh baca dalam bahasa lain,bolehlah luaskan pengetahuan.Tapi yg terperangkap dgn satu bahasa itulah yang aniaya kerana berita yang disajikan selalu tak merangsang minda jadi lebih peka,pada isu isu ilmuan.Bukan isu picisan.

  3. Salam Mokja,
    It's infuriating to note that there are people who would resort to such lowly acts of stealing other people's entries just to sell their stuff. These people have no conscience whatsoever. What if the same thing were to happen to them. Despicable, irresponsible idiots, that's my opinion of them.

  4. Salam siti.
    Since 1998,when they started reporting to the dot,the minute details in court,I could see the rot.We cringe at the word liwat,but who in big prints splashed across the pages for all to read and see? Could we carry the paper for NIE?.Yes,siti,you sum up what I feel.

  5. kos mo and you. Ha ha nice combination.tu yang terover run.Pengetahuan yg tak ketahuan.he he.lawak je.