Sunday, July 25, 2010

What’s in Kangar –update 2


This morning my hb,cikli had intended to spring clean the office at a building in Kangar.I thought he would be away for the rest of the morning despite it being a holiday today.

Pakli  came home shortly with a grim look on his face.

Mama,today I lost another friend.

Who I asked eagerly.

It was only last evening  I joked with him and he sang me Lagu P.Ramlee.

The security of the building was found sprawled on the table lifeless.And on the table in front of him was the dinner prepared by his dear mum.

Rice half eaten, some dish,ikan goreng.

As it is,the arwah was divorced and staying with his mum and was in his early 50.Sad to hear that another friend of pakli was gone.

And where were the cats that he used to feed? Because the ikan goreng was untouched till this morning.

Sadder still,was he missed by his children when he was gone because the family was separated.Maybe tomorrow,there will be news about him in the newspaper or berita.

What can I say? Alfatihah. Semoga roh allahyarham dirahmati.


  1. innalillah...sakit jantung ke dia?...

  2. agaknya.Pakcik jaga bangunan Mara,kenal dak? Maybe you know.

  3. cikgu...
    Bila dah tiba masanya.. tidaklah boleh diinjak sedikit kebelakang ataupun kehadapan... itulah janji Allah yang semua kita pasti rasai.
    Semuga rohnya dicucuri rahmat oleh Allah snw.

  4. Anak dia twin and one of them is a doctor.