Monday, July 12, 2010

WCup –Final match Holland vs Spain


12.30 am

In about 90 minutes,the much hyped about match of the year,would be played.The kick off between  Holland and Spain would be started immediately after the referee blows the first whistle.

The boy requested something to eat and munch away during the match.So makcik being the ibu matahali pun gorenglah sepinggan bak cucur udang + ikan bilis + ubi kentang +bawang besar. To be eaten with cili sos  buatan sendiri. A pot of hot nescafe would do the magic to keep the eyelids firm and strong.

I’m off to catch a short sleep and be reporting back during half time. Bye.


3.30 a.m.

Half time break.The match was thrilling to watch.More yellow cards issued in contrast to the semi. Result 0-0.Tough fight 

 050 049


5.15 a.m.

The new World Champion is Spain.Yes! I am correct.After a gruelling 30 additional minutes Netherlands went home second.

Viva Spain. Puyol ,and the scorer .Well done Spain.

094    098


The adverse scenes on the field –happy vs….. devastated

099 spjg perjalanan 036


Didnt I told you Spain would win because they have a puyol in their team.And they brought the coveted all gold trophy back home to Madrid.By the way,the score is 1-0.

The next WC will be in Brazil.Apamacam M’sia?Boleh?

Adios senor senorita . Good morning.

Aha .Tarik nafas lega,dah boleh kembali normal.No more bola bola bola.

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