Monday, July 12, 2010

Tragedy ,tragedy and more tragedies


1.Quoting NST today ‘s headline

Roof collapse kills 3 boys ---- its unforeseen  or is it the case of tak pa aih. That 19 th Century building may be waiting to collapse.But nobody has taken any heed . Any tell tale sign that the store is a danger.If there are but no action is taken,then this case is one that can be said tragedy waiting to happen.


This is a picture of one of the pillars on the Plus NS highway. Taken from the bus window on my Olympus. Notice the streaks of rust ? In time,could it be another MRR in the making?

2.Quoting NST

Nature Park under siege---- these plunderers only think RM RM all their lives.Wait for mother nature to strike back.Baru kelam kabut cari alasan.


3.Quoting NST

Death Waterfall still inviting----Lubuk Yu,Pahang  had already claimed numerous lives and been splashed in the news.But there were still picknickers making their way there.Ni sbb ignorant tak baca berita la.Tu la. Asyik bola bola bola.

Hidden killers in them waterfalls and rivers.Ever heard melioidosis ,leptospirosis and berapa banyak lagi osis.Please read the editor’s note for more info.


4.Quoting NST

Girl still missing after 10 days.-----Tan Su Fren missing from July 2 must bring havoc and disrupted the lives of the family.Having been in a similar situation,I could empathies with the parents.Luckily the run away girl was quickly found and united with her parents.Pity the mother who was near hysterical.Hope nothing of that sort would test them again.

So for readers of the other mainstream papers ,those news are what I found in NST today'. 12.7.2010.

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