Sunday, July 11, 2010

mentadak mentadu macam mana depa tidoq


Watching the cats sleeping could bring  laughter to my lonely heart.

Living practically alone the most part of the day,the four legged beings bring joy .

Have you watched  how they sleep? Here are some of them.


comel saja tiga beranak ni P6210835

Dell ,Jade and baby.Pandai pula bagi baby tidor atas bantal.adikmok007

Mok ,Jade and Dell in deep sleep snoring loudly.

012 010

Jade  having a beauty sleep, while Mok is guarding his maam.


Tau tak kucing pun mamai juga. Watched Dell having his stomach going up and down,legs twitching and suddenly licking its paws.Lepas tu selamba balik mengeroh!

Cats  sleep two third of their day.And I wonder why Persians or mixed persians like to sleep with their 4 legs up and wide apart? This is prominent in Mummy,Mok ,Dell but not Jade. Jade kan kucing masjid tentulah tertib.Sopan.Yes,jade befits her origin.

By the way,do they dream? I wonder!


  1. salam..

    ask the cats who will win world cup tonight.. hehe

  2. Dell : I am for Spain like mamason does.
    Mok : Daddy thinks the Dutch will win because The dutch has always been the winner like Dumex.
    Jade: Eh paknya kesitu pula.Tidorlah.

  3. Yes. We do dream a lot. No nightmares. Only nice things. har har har *evil laughs*

  4. Dell: But papamok had a nightmare.The Dutch lost.They bukan lagi membesar bagai Johan.The Belandas I mean.ha ha.