Monday, July 5, 2010

Have fun teacher,

I was blessed to be an English teacher.It was noted that most English teachers are fun to be .They are mostly out of the box type of teachers.


Well thats my point of view.

Teaching English is FUN! The song in that TVP tells all.And I cant agree more.

Reliving the days of me teaching English,I could be dead serious but fun was my way.

Care for dancing,singing,story telling,aerobic,sight seeing,game show ? Come to my class.

Dont be mata juling if you see a fifty something teacher berjoget joget in her English lesson?

Come one,two steps to your left..hmm

Turn…two steps to the right..turn.

And dont call me crazy if my children were counting the cars that vrrrromed by in front of the school .

Sayang cikgu,you miss the fun, if you , day in day out,use those Photostatted worksheets to let your children work on.

That’s not the way ,English teacher!


  1. good morning teacher. hehehhee.. ni malu nak tulisin english, grammer tunggang langgang.. ajarlahkami2 ni english online....

  2. cik saya ,tr.pun nggak stable grammarnya.dah berkulat,kena buka grammar book juga.But the point is,we trs should make the students regard English as easy to learn as it is fun.
    jadilah cikgu english yang funny ,pasti anak anak murid kata:Eh tak susah la belajar BI ni.