Saturday, July 10, 2010

final WC- Spain vs Netherlands.- sotong kata….


Sotong tak kata apa apa.Itu yang makcik baca dlm UM.Because,the soothsayer only predicts when the German team is involved.

So in the finals,no team is given a boost above the other. As it happened between Germany vs. Spain.The former went into the football pit with a gloom in their hearts.It has been said that En. Paul the sotong was correct in all 6 predictions regarding the Germans.So when they lost,they would probably say this:

Sotong dah kata!

Let me be the soothsayer for the finals.

I say the Spanish team will win because they have a puyol or is it tuyol. For Puyol scored the goal relatively easily.Like the goalkeeper kena blackmagic. And puyol just headed the jabulani into the goal which was wide open.

Tak percaya puyol tu tuyol?

Tengok ni sekali lagi.

066 spjg perjalanan 033

puyol  ( from my Astro)                             tuyol( from my Olympus)

Sama kan,esp  tang hidung .Mancungkan!

ha ha.lawak


Dell: Sedapkan makan sotong bakar.Lazat.Paul  kot nama dia kalau

          Dell tak ralat.


  1. LOL! @ the compariosn pic of the man & the cloud..haha..

    i want spain to lift the trophy..not so much the players tapi ai in lap with the language & the colourful country since takder kena mengena eh..

    anyways, Me gusta España!!!!!

  2. Dear Yat Maria,
    what a beautiful name macam Beautiful Maria.
    ya,the clouds caught on my camera the day Spain played against German did resembled Puyol.
    Your truly too is for Spain.And Spain won WC!