Monday, July 5, 2010

the engilsh calss


The engilsh calss anybody?

I remembered a not so happy father accompanied by the head confronting me about the low marks and the red ink his son got from me.

Dulu anak saya dapat markah tinggi. Buku dia pun cikgu dulu right panjang.

Well,I was not that right panjang panjang type of teacher.My students ,I could proudly proclaimed were never given the task to reproduce all correct copy paste type of assignments.

Their books could be red,who cares.Because I care for what the children have learned not what the children have produced.

Copying.Fill in the blanks.What will the children learn.So little if I may say.

Tu yang jadi : the blood go upstair.thank kayu.Tulisan pula macam hantu.

English teachers, Aural-Oral,reading ,writing are what you should do.


Hari hari buku text ,photo sheets or   dok diam kat situ.

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