Friday, July 16, 2010

eeeeeeh , eeeeeik and eeeeeow


These furry creatures of no.7 have their own distinctive sounds or err….. voices.

Papamok or mr.Mok has eeeeih for his vocals. And he would go eeeeehing the day long. Should he feels hungry ,we could hear the eeeeeeih from him.Often he would jump onto the lap top table if I didnt make a move to notice him. He had jumped twice onto the laptop itself when I was busy typing away.And he could have weighed  5 kilograms!

Papamok though big and strong was a timid cat. He was afraid of pakli and his son paen but was doted upon by the girls.He was adik to them.

Adik? Haha masuk berita dunia la kalau betul adik  ber kaki 4, berbulu lagi.

Once,  Dell didnt make any sound beside his grrrrrrr.He would grrr if we were to handle him.Cuddle him ,he went grrrrrring. So much so he was not well liked by the girls but doted upon by the men.He was a masculine cat. Masculine in a sense that he is not that maknyah or sissy type. Wei kucing pun ada maknyah kalau tak tahu. He could climb up the high stairs or ladders  with ease  and come down in a jiffy. Driving him around town was breezy as he enjoyed being in a car. The moment pakli’s car enters the garage ,he would be ever ready to climb in  for a round of inspection.

Now ,we hear less of his grrrrr but he is  into eeeiking. He goes eeeiking when hungry or the water in his drinking bowl has dried  up.But when the master is having food,he says nothing except with his looks. Who can resist not to throw some scraps if  the face is muka kesian minta ikan.

Jade doesnt eeeeh or eeeeik but there are numerous funny sounds that she makes,the most obvious meeeeeiow .

I should put the m into the camcorder one fine day.


dell rehat time


Dello : Ala mamason and family apa kurang. Tu dok wei wei wei wen pagi petaang, ketuk pintu bukan main lantaang.


amboi nakal,pukul baru tau

Jade : Dello,tu mamason panggil anak,makan, mandi sembahyang … eh apa lagi….tu yang macam nak perang.Kalau depa tak dak,sunyila rumah semedang.

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