Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dell babysitting

kata nak main sorok sorok

That day,Mamajade was no where to be found.Merayaulah kalau gitu.So jessy was left with no one but me.


salah ibu

First ,we played mak mak.Meaning I  was the mother and jessy the child although I am Dello,the tommy cat.

kita main sorok sorok

Then,we played hide and seek.Now you see.Now you dont.Aciluuut. 123456……you hide ,I seek.


sleepingb time manusia dan haiwan

When we were tired,we put ourselves to sleep.ZZZZzzzzzz.

The big ZZZZZZZZZZ is mine and the small zzzzzzzz is jessy’s while papali’s  goes  kkkkkrohhhhhhhhhh.Ha ha.Funnykan you see.


  1. What a babysitter you are, Dell. That last pix is sooooo cute! roar! roar! roar!

  2. Dell: it was during the heat wave.all in the family moved over to the hall.alas my little sis is gone and had not comeback ever since.

  3. cikgu..
    kadang2 keletah kucing yang dibela ni dah jadi macam melayan anak...