Saturday, July 17, 2010

the day our kampung came to class

I used to ask my head for Art classes to complement my English teaching hours.

The topic or theme was buildings and we we learning about directions, description of buildings and so forth.

In my art class I,made the children drew pictures of their own houses.And to cut  the outline,colour them and paste some thicker paper at the back as figurines.

Soon an assorted shapes and colour of ALL the 40 something students’ homes were in my hands.

The whole standard size noticeboard was soon turned into a background with roads running and winding through the village. Colour paper was used and tacked with staples.

In no time, a village where the students live soon cover the whole length of the board. That was the point I left the children with a saying:

You could put your father’s car,your hens,cows or goats.It doesnt matter.

The next day when I entered the class ,students were happy to point out their houses with cars and chickens on the lawn.Soon birds were flying in the blue sky. Fruit trees and gardens too.

Hey,teacher,are you teaching English?

Plenty.Prepositions,directions,comparatives ,superlatives ,possesions.Well there’s no end.

When the time came for another topic,all was not lost.The whole village was taken down and kept in an envelope.

The next time when there’s a need,the village will come to life again!

Senangkan kerja BI teachers?

Sapa kata?

Alas,the photograph of the children’s work were destroyed in the big flood a few years ago. I knew some  teachers took photographs of all those work during a school visit .If only they still have them and I can contact them.Wishful thinking.


  1. Excellent post, my friend. The joys of teaching - priceless! Have a great weekend!


  2. Yes,paula,
    I savour the times when the looks on the students faces told us that it was a job well done.Those excited voices greeting us when we came to class instead of half hearted ...good moooooooning tr.or worse still good mourning teacher. ha ha.

  3. Salam Cikgu..
    PIL saya kedua-duanya cikgu... MIL Memang disenangi oleh bekas-bekas muridnya. FIL bertukar kerjaya setelah melanjutkan pelajaran. Sehingga hari ini bekas anak2 murid arwah MIL mengenangkan beliau sebagai guru yang penuh dedikasi terhadap kerja dan murid2...
    Hanya Allah Taala sahaja yang dapat membalas jasabaik cikgu dan cikgu2 semua.

  4. Ibu n Abah,
    sedap pula nama macam tu,loving selalu.
    Tidak apa yang lebih berharga kpd seorang guru,kalau murid dapat mengenang jasanya dan dengan bangga berkata: Cikgu lah mengajar saya.