Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The clouds too were crying buckets.


There was a heavy downpour that Kangar had seen for ages.Coming out of the formidable building,the clouds look heavy as if it could break loose in a minute.

As breakfast was not taken,we settled for brunch at  pokok sawa having grilled keli ,sambal and assorted vegie.It was that time when the nature broke loose. Thunder,lightning and torrential rain came pounding on the ground.

After those heavy clouds,thunder,lightning and heavy rain,the sky cleared with only a few speck of  grey clouds.Hope there wont be another round of another nature temper tantrum this evening.

I was at cross road.To go or not to . Well,I have been toying of the idea of spending a week or two away from home.To get away from the doldrums of the roof and the 4 walls.But the impending matter with the JPN is withholding my decision.Come la. If tak jadi kata tak jadi,tak payah hamba ternanti nanti.

On the other hand,the somewhat heavy matter that lingers may be here no more.Hope what was decided today would be honoured so that we could go on our which way. Hope there would be no more path that crossed as meeting again isnt a nice thing to do.

I have my fingers crossed till that day. And I hope the sky would clear away those grey clouds if there be any.Amin.

 mok masa baby

Mok : Mamason ni ,kita lapaq,dia dok cerita hujan la,guruh la.Mana ikan goreng kami? Grrrrrrr

Mamason: Hai Mok,Sejak bila  ada grrrrrrr ni?  Dah tiru Dell pula.

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