Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cerita seram- cerita sekolah


Ini cerita yang dikutip dan juga yang dilihat,dialami sendiri.

When I was in SKSI,I couldnt recall any mysterious phenomena but in other 3 schools that I was posted to ,stories of the third dimension was heard or experienced.

Remember my account of what we, the occupants of the teachers’ quarter in  Gedangsa went through.It was scary as two of our housemates were possessed until the bomoh’s help was sought.Eerier still was when the  shaman cloaked himself in black cloth,chanting mantras to shoo away the unseen .That was in Ulu Selangor 40 years back.

In Perlis,SRKSM was reputed to be a hard ground .Pupils were said to see apparitions of WW2 Japanese soldiers marching on the roof.

SKTTB was harder.This was not heard but experienced myself.As the head of school,I used to stay in the school when the school dismissed.The clerk and the assistant went home for their lunch.I was in my office when I heard voices of students and a woman teacher playing football.After sometimes,the voice quieted. I came out of the office but not a soul was  in sight! Later,the teacher denied having any football session at 1.30 in the afternoon. Hmm who could that be.

The next experience was when a teacher was possessed.She was coming down the stairs as I was going up.Suddenly she let a shrieking cry.

Awat hang ganggu akuuuu.Aku tak mauuu.

She then collapsed on the stairs.We carried her to the pemulihan room,and one of the teacher called a knowing person for help.She cried and shrieked the loudest shout that rang throughout the school. At last,she regained consciousness and was fetched home by her husband.

The next morning,when I passed by the room,I sensed something eerie and my hair stood  on ends.It was as if I could see someone looking at me from the corner of the room.

Workers on night shifts  told me of lights being switched back when in fact it was shut off.

Dah nak main pula dah. They would say.

Once ,a department held a training of sorts at the school compound.One after another,boys would shriek and collapsed to the ground.

There was an instance,when I was on my way home,I felt a heavy something down my neck.I felt uneasy.As usual I recited the doa and ayat that I knew.Reaching the main road,the eerie feeling subsided and I reached home shaken.

When I was posted to a new school,I asked the department to send a male substitute.Kesian kan kalau GB perempuan lemah semangat.

The new school too was not without its supernatural phenomenon. A staff on a  errand brought her children along.The child wandered to one of the PK’s room and soon returned.

Mak,makcik tu baik ya.She said of the one in the darkened room.

Awat tak terkejut mak ayah as there was no one in the room! Also what about the mysterious sounds and things  that went  missing?

Hmm that were  parts of my teaching experiences in about 6 schools in Perlis.

Anda ada? Cerita orang seram pun banyak juga !

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tengok si misai pun terkejut sakan masa ternampak makhluk lain alam..He he he.Full stop.

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