Sunday, July 18, 2010

buat anak yang jauh di mata


To my love in QUT,Brisbane

The other day,when I went out with my loyal en Olympus,I snapped a number of pictures featuring our sleepy hollow-Kangar.

Do you know that our small town has progressed  by leaps and bounds.he he.

First,you need not go to KL to reach Mecca,as the pointer shows you go north not south.


spjg perjalanan 014

There’s a public toilet smack in the middle of the town.Very convenient indeed if your perut meragam.

spjg perjalanan 015

The king and the royal family welcome you when you come to Kangar.We have a good year this year.

spjg perjalanan 016


spjg perjalanan 045

Beware visitors,beneath the shrubs  might be an Ali Baba’s man.This you would pass if you take the trunk jalan.

And at the home front this what you see :


Do you see what I see.We have visitor! And beware of bumps if you are too carefree behind the wheels .

By the way,how’s your back dear.Is it serious or just a mild matter.YM me this evening,OK.Its been raining heavily these past days.With wind so strong you might be blown away.

Good luck in your new semester,my beloved girl.May you be sweet,strong whatever the matter.


  1. My back's getting better,Ma.Thank u for the call! hehe. Safuan siap bagi pdf file on how to cure back pain.hahaha.I miss you n Ba and all the creatures at home! And abang dara jugak! ;)

  2. Salam kak
    bulan june lepas kami ke Kangar sebab adik saya kawin dengan anak pengarah kastam perlis.
    kami tinggal di homestay di taman guru.

    anak anak saya hairan apa sal pukul 8 malam saja dah senyap sepi pekan kangar...semua kedai tutup...dia ingat semua tempat macam kat Klang or KL kot..hahaha
    sepanjang dudusana , hari2 menerai laksa,,,tapi bila nak beli asik tanya pada peniaga tu..laksa ni ada belut tak!...hahahha

  3. relieved that your ailment aint serious.tQ Safuan for the fie.miss you too.Abang dara? ha ha ....gelak besaq.

    cik Ezza,
    Dekat rumah saya saja.lain kali jemputlah datang.
    Kangar memang jadi ghost town lepas 8 mlm. Tak ada mall apa pun nak pi belanja. Untung tau.ttg laksa belut tu,makcik pun rasa tu shj org nak cakap kot.Anyway,my laksa penang