Saturday, July 31, 2010

the band is breakable

I had known that a band of rubber is elastic.

But my elastic band  is breakable. Cos it has been stretched too long,too often,without giving it a thought that its susceptible to breaking.

Who in this world could go on forever and ever being stretched .Relinquishing your own needs,temptations and  wants  for the benefit of  others.It needs a saint.And I am no saint.Neither  am I a martyr.

I had stood the turmoil of my matrimonial  home. I could easily run away without caring a dime what it will cause.I had stood the  brunt of my loved one  words, which to some might be a big matter.Do I care? Yes,I do but I let it pass. What there to fuss when all around your life there were more pus.


I feel that I am no longer a sea,calm and tranquil but an ocean ,rough.It was like a tsunami building up all those years,waiting to be unleashed . No I dont want to be a storm ,to cause havoc in others .Let there be all the pain ,but not from me.Because God has chosen me. To be the master of all pains.

But the storm is getting bigger and bigger.And I dont know whether I can resist any further.

                         image                             .


Tapi insyaalah,because its me,the storm is now calm,just a gentle breeze.But should another storm come lashing,the dragon in me wont let me leave  it uncontested.For I’m ready if ever the storm get released.If it lulled down,you dont have to worry,because ,the dragon in  me is forever forgiving.




That’s an inner voice. It could be mine.But could it be another person’s.And it could be yours.

So a matter of advice: cukup cukuplah tu menjadi raja kerana sesekali kena tahu juga erti hidup seorang hamba .Yang bertungkus lumus untuk memastikan hidup mu bahagia.Kerana yang hina bukan siapa.Orang yang memewahkan kamu juga.


Untuk siapa siapa saja.Yang sentiasa berkorban untuk siapa siapa saja.Sesekali kena juga tengok kepada keperluan diri sendiri seadanya.

Dedicated to the person I loved with not a question in mind.


  1. cikgu...
    dalam maksud yang tersirat....

  2. kadang kadang kita jadi pemerhati,kadang kadang kena diri sendiri.

  3. i had tsunami came crashin on me.never even thought i would pass it without gettin crushed.but here i am, still standing, beneath and above all odds, with the help from you.u know i cant never make it if i dun have u.

    so do the same thing like u do to mine.
    love u

  4. i will fight for my babies but i do feel hopeless.Sometimes. For someone I care.