Thursday, June 10, 2010

When anger gets the better of you


I had seen people gone overly mad at people just for the slightest of reason.

The way you fold a dress might not be the same as others would do.The way you siang ikan might not be the same as your maid or your menantu or your children.The way you make the bed too is  different from others.Ha ha the list can go go and on.

So goes the same to the way you do your mundane tasks.Do you expect people do the same exact replica of how you do it.

If you find yourself contradicting with every words that other people say then go check yourself.If you find yourself cutting in too much before the other could finish talking .You are the one that needs the doc or the therapist.

Benci aku bila orang suka sangat membebel tentang kelemahan orang lain.Hingga tak ternampak langsung kebaikan .Rimas juga orang yang suka membuat orang lain nampak dungu.

Actually in my opinion these were the control freaks,attention seekers,abusers.And they do not do so much to contribute .

When you are getting angry,isytigfar ,take a deep breath.Rephrase and rethink what you want to say.

And getting angry does not always gets you anywhere.Ke nurakka  adalah.

And today a maid was sentenced to jail for involuntarily causing the death of her employer. Ini tentu kes membebel tak kira masa,tak kira ketika.

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