Sunday, June 13, 2010

What is much that is more and little that is less


Attending kenduri this season,aha,kenduri pun bermusim,mind you,I had this for observation.

Sometimes there are more  too much and little too less.

The makan at the kenduri I mean.

I had attended kenduri that the menu spread was lavish,and I had to be contented with chicken skin than flesh at another.

Waiting for food to be replenished is not welcomed at kenduri.The guests who came could be missing food at home only to stare at the empty serving basins under the khemah.How sad was it.Was it?

Macam mana jadi begini? I wonder.

Maybe it could be the caterer.

Or maybe the tuan kenduri could be at fault. Ialah memanggil serata pekan dan desa but  did not keep track of the guests invited. Last last  panggilan seribu,makanan secukup lima ratus orang saja.

Tak ka gabra masa tu?

Guests are coming,the day is still early while the periuk and belanga dah cuci calat.

Luckily,at my sis house where I  too was the usher,lauk berlebih sampai boleh ditapau balik.

So,every relative which I know,were given the bunga telor,the door gift,the kuih kering as well as dinner for the night!

Aawat tak senyum sampai ke telinga. Mak Ngah baik kan!

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