Friday, June 25, 2010

What an idea!


Ha ha an idea struck my head when I was concocting the ingredients for the crab sambal.

Mak cik ni,ideas are in abundance when busy cooking ka,or trying to have that must have sleep.

It is like this.

Looking at the number of postings under Those darn cats ,makcik tertiba tiba terstruck an idea.

Nak buka satu lagi blog!

Now the cat story is numbering 30.

And I propose it be named:

My name is Dell.Call me Dello.Not Jello.

Heronya tentulla Dell yang macho tu.

Ha ha ,anak anak apa macam?

Ada cadangan ?


  1. yo mom ..gettin attached with blogginworld eh?ahhaha

  2. dearie,mommy kan when she does anything she does with passion.Its the ultimate goal.Things done are done the best. Betul kan. Mana la tau kot kot boleh bawa