Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Travelling in malayisa-Trengganu



Besides going in our primary family,sight seeing in Malaysia included the secondary relatives.

Pictured above were pakli and me with his family members.

As Ros hb was stationed at Gong Kedak airbase,we went over there a few years ago.

I have a liking for akok,keropok losong,and other traditional trengganu delicacies.

As Gong Kedak is near to Kota Baharu,we went over to the pasar.

buying a few materials for baju kurung.

The stay in a hotel by the beach was superb.Thanks Lt.Kol.Sam. and Niyah.

The memory? Our windscreen was broken . But pakli plastered the screen with masking tape and braved the journey across the mountainous highway.

The mechanic gelek kepala for our stupendous bravery cos the broken windscreen could be a death trap.

Aiya pakli.Jangan buat dah no.

P6080374 adik kalau makan ni guarantee macam hindustan.

At a keropok losong stall in Kuala Besut.

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