Monday, June 21, 2010

SSSsssssssssh .Diam lebih baik.

If only blogging was here 30 years back,I could write write ups of every daily happenings.

In those years,I began a family.Raised my children,suffered the downs of teaching and as well enjoying the fruit of hardship.

Now,things are happening around me but I am no more the active actor.Pelakun tambahan tu adalah.

The early days of our marriage was a time when we tried hard to balance everything.

The bread winner

The house keeper.

The counselor.

The cane wielder.

and who should control who.

senang cakap

Sapa ketua family?Sapa kena dengar cakap sapa.Absolute ke sampai tak ada perbincangan keluarga.

How are the children to be disciplined.Biaqpila or tak boleh lagu ni.

SUSAH.Susah wei bringing up a family.Silap langkah tertiarap.

And I never claimed that I had been the sweetest wife to my sweetest husband.Neither was I the goodest mother to the goodest children.( kesilapan di intended)

My family seldom  knows the hardship that I underwent that when talks about troubles in the family,I was sometimes excluded.

Makngah tu senang,malulah nak cerita kat dia.Depa loving couple,mana ada gaduh gaduh. Syurga selalu.

The way we handled our ups and downs are the things that matured us.

But one thing I noticed,Sabar is the word.Kelemahan keluarga is the family secret.So just a soul or two were privy to the happenings.Kalau tidak pening.

Jadi tak usahlah pukul canang dekat orang kampung.What more at your place of work.

Diam lebih baik.


Remembered a staff that each night’s story is a news for the morning.

Last last semua exercise geleng kepala setiap pagi.

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