Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sharing the little bits.


La awat tauk kat situ.

She saw her husband throwing the cigarette but onto the front lawn!

She  just swept  it this afternoon.


Hai ni dah jadi macam tong recycle .

The closet was in a mess. The nicely stacked shirts were there  no more. What she could see was a mess of jumbled up shirts. She had taken hours to  put  thing straight but it was not to be.

My friend was grumbling when her effort to keep the house tidy was not valued by the spouse and her children.


Satu hari,aku sepak kain pelikat naik atas lemari. Padan muka.Dia cari pelikat dia kat situ.

One friend could not contain her anger.


Making a home presentable is  impossible if only one is responsible.

That what I used to tell my friends.

If you cant change them,join them.


So one day,my hubby came home and complained.

Hai awat kasut bersepah.Surat khabar bertabuq.Cawan pinggan dok depan ni.

And I pokerfacedly said:

I join the club.

Anyway,makcik couldnt stand the mess. So I left the club with one resolution:

IF I cant bear it.I do it.

IF I can,let it be,let it be.

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