Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sayang Dello


 books 002 Dello and mama Jade.


These are Jade and Dell.Though big and strong,Dello is much a mummy boy.With the disappearance of tiny Jessy,now Dello has mama Jade to  his own.

From time to time,Dello hungered for the mummy’s milk but Jade was adamant.

She shooed him away whenever Dell would come near her.Indeed Jade has become a fierce mother.

But watching them sleeping,shows the bond between them.

But  pak Mok would chase Dell away.

Kesian kat Dell.

Anyway,I saw Dell dok ngorat kucing comel neighbour kat belakang.

He would make a long neck,as if calling his gf to have the food together.

Sometimes ,we have to piat his ears before he would take a bite.

Hmm dah boleh nantu ye Jade.

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