Monday, June 21, 2010


Rina Cleaning Services is hiring people.If you could drive and live in the vicinity of Kangar,Come join us.

Pakli was having some sort of ujian ketabahan lately. This is concerning the work force .

Let me tell you how RCS came into being.

It goes back into history more than 2 decades or so .At that time my hb was promised a better job from the company that he was then working.

Well. He quitted but what did he find himself into?

Tolak tangga goyang kaki!


So began our journey into the unemployement dan pengembaraan mencari kerja.Tapi makcik masih kerjalah.

He ventured far and near.Penang,A.Star .But to no avail.

So how? Duit kereta dok gamit,duit rumah dok keriau.

We entered home based entrepreneur.Lipat kertas surat kabar lama jadi kelongsong.Jual air oren,minyak angin.Infact anything.

One day,I heard ,my friend complaining about the floor of her house.I chanced upon an opportunity.Why not give a try. We had a floor scrubber.So I persuaded pakli to have  go at it.

So,with a friend,a what the brand floor scrubber,pakli started his adventure.The friend was a UITM student doing well now in his life.

Semenjak itu mulalah kehidupan kami dengan tertubuhnya RCS.What RCS?

IT stands for everybody in the family.RINA. Tapi nampak Ina tu macam dominantkan? Well she was the baby whose father was unemployed at the time she was born.And INA too stands for my own personal initial.

Itulah sejarah hidup kami.

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