Friday, June 25, 2010

Old heads are not …..

Orang lama depa tak tanya apa apa 

The news in one of today's paper carried an article about a dumbfounded officer from KPM.


Schoolchildren were playing in a school compound full of old tyres,broken  furniture and seribu satu nenek benda bahaya.

My question?

Tak ada GB ke sekolah itu?

When I entered a new premise as a head teacher,my head is full of antennas . Sweeping the school ground.Bukan nak cari salah siapa tapi sekurang kurangnya mengurangkan bahaya.Budak budak.Depa tau apa ?

Lastly,I resorted to taking pictures.Armed with a camera,I snapped pictures as a note that another agenda must be looked after.

Once,I saw glass panes as a sun shade and it was full of broken glasses.The roof was nearly collapsing eaten by the termites.

Armed with a letter and providing pictures,I climbed the JPN  meeting the officer responsible.

Lastly I said:

I have said this much.And I hope for this much.

Point taken. The panes were taken down and the whole roof repaired.

Yes,a picture tells  a thousand words.

In another school,I surveyed the safety of the children.The dangers posed by all the time opened gate and uncontrolled traffic.

And in the PTA meeting ,I voiced my concern.

Again .Point taken.As I said,I have 1000 children who were my own children.I worry for their safety .I was bombarded by unsatisfied parents over new rulings but PTA were with me.Well,for me a grouse of  parents is nothing for the safety of my school.I mean my children.

But sometimes,we too missed the blind spots and needed dumbfounded ministers to visit our school.

Betulkan cikgu cikgu.



zinc and iron rods before being cleared away.

kenapa pintu pagar buka eh

side gate at any time.Hai,katalah ada orang gile ke tak kan naye.Sape nak kene.GB juge.

Makcik after a notice to parents,closed the big gate,and opened the small gate at peak hour.Lain masa,pak guard kasi jumpa.

The traffic flow into the school was controlled.Sapa tak suka,boleh jalan la.Tak payah dok berkereta.

So if you were head teacher,jangan dok kira orang lama.Cantik ke,wangi ke,kalau bahaya,buang saja.Sebab orang lama tak lagi kena tanya bila jadi apa apa.

Betul tak ?

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