Friday, June 18, 2010

Now,even the Germans could go


Mokjadenadell does  have interests in the WC  which had now well into its second round.Betul !

Watching, the striker getting the red card and ordered out of the field , I know the Germs (oops) would be getting it.No sooner that I said that the Serbs  struck  a goal.

Back in my teaching days,times like this,My students would have a field day discussing the games.Although they might be 10  or 11,every goal scored,favourite player would be named in the sentences making.Thus sentences like this could come out from the students.

I was sad when Kloser was ordered out of the field.

The Germans kalah in the game last night.

I teriak sebak sebak.

Now,after the Korean defeat and the Germans nose dive ,which team should I go for ?

Brazil la kot.

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